Filing Your Tax Return just got easier, Let's Talk Tax...

The Cash Hut can take the stress and uncertainty out of paying your taxes by making sure you get the largest refund you’re entitled to-and by helping you get that money in as little as one day. At The Cash Hut, you’ll work directly with a friendly, experienced tax professional who will guide you through the entire tax preparation process. We’ll save you money by helping you take full advantage of the deductions you are entitled to and by charging you less than other tax preparation providers.

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  1. Speak with a Licensed Tax Professional
  2. Have your taxes prepared and e-Filed
  3. Find out how to save money and accelerate the refund process
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Some Credits and Deductions we can process for you:

  1. Disability Tax Credit
  2. Tuition or medical expenses
  3. Provincial tax credits
  4. Charitable/political donations
  5. Child Care support payments
  6. RRSP contributions
  7. Union and/or professional dues
  8. Transit pass credits

Start eliminating your tax related stress today with help from The Cash Hut